Corpus Christi Catholic School
is a Safe Environment School

Corpus Christi Catholic School community complies with the Archdiocesan guidelines to provide a Safe Environment for our students.  In order to facilitate this goal, we ask that all parents who volunteer to work in school or with our students at any time obtain the following clearances.

PA State Police Criminal Record Check – Valid for Five Years

a.   Attach a $10.00 money order and mail to the address on the form. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to get

       it back.


b.   Use the Internet and log on to The clearance information will be obtained

       immediately.  A credit card is needed.  You should print two copies; one for the school office and one to

       send away the child abuse form.  

PA Department of Public Welfare Child Abuse Clearance Check- Valid for Five Years           

Complete the Child Abuse Form AFTER you have the results from the criminal background check.

a.   Attach a $10.00 money order and a copy of the criminal background check results.

b.   Mail to the address on the form. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to get it back.

Safe Environment Part 1: Protecting God’s Children

a.   You only need to attend these classes once. Please check the Virtus website at for any

      upcoming classes.

Safe Environment Part II: Mandated Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse

a.   This online course provides volunteers an overview of their responsibilities under Pennsylvania law

       Archdiocesan reporting procedures for suspected child abuse. Please visit

       and click on “training institute”.

b.   Print a copy of the form indicating your completion of the online course and send into school. If you are a

       new family, you have sixty days to complete the required paperwork and attend a class.  After that time, you

       will not be able to work with our students unless all credentials are on file in the office.​​