While all Corpus Christi students are enrolled in General Music each year, there are many opportunities for students to get involved in performing arts at school!  Below, you will find a list of performance ensembles available to students at Corpus Christi School!

Chorus - Ms. Jennifer Monaghan

  • Junior Choir (3rd, 4th) -- Junior Choir receives basic instruction on vocal techniques such as breath support, resonance, phrasing, and diction.  This ensemble will begin the basics of sight singing, in addition to a varied repertoire of liturgy and concert music.  Junior Choir will share their skills at CCS Liturgies and CCS Choir Concerts.  Concert music will expose children do different styles of music around the world, as well as implement knowledge of music theory into choir rehearsals and performances.  Throughout their time in Junior Choir, students will apply their skills weekly in order to prepare them for more advanced repertoire and responsibilities that await them in Senior Choir.
  • Senior Choir (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th) -- Senior Choir is the elite and eldest vocal ensemble at CCS.  Members of the Senior Choir will expand their vocal growth by studying a varied repertoire of music, a more advanced understanding of proper vocal technique, exhibit maturity and professionalism expected of a middle school choir, as well as building musicianship, leadership, and fellowship skills.  At the culmination of their 8th grade year, Senior Choir members will be prepared to utilize their skills and continue to grow as mature, competent vocalists at the High School level.  Senior choir will bring vocal music to CCS Liturgies, CCS Choir Concerts, other CCS functions, as well as off campus performances.

Instrumental Music: Orchestra -- Mrs. Donna Frisch --  
The instrumental string music program offers weekly instruction in violin, viola, and cello in small group settings, as well as performance opportunities.  Our winter and spring concerts are an integral part of the curriculum, and are a delightful musical experience for students and families alike. Demonstrations on orchestral string instruments are held every September in grades 2 through 4. However, students in the upper grades are welcome to join as well. 
It is important to note that it is a documented fact that music stimulates the learning process, not just in music, but in other academic subject areas as well.  It lays strong foundations for the development of good habits in self-discipline, and enhances positive self-esteem through the growth of personal achievements in mastering the skills needed to learn and perform a musical composition. Lessons are offered to Students in grades 2 through 8 on a rotating schedule throughout the school day.  For more information please contact:
Mrs.  Donna Frisch
Director of Orchestral Studies      

Instrumental Music: Band -- Mr. Larry Rumpf --
The Band program at Corpus Christi is open to all students in grades 4 through 8th.

Recruitment usually begins in September in the 4th and 5th grade. The instruments offered are all the woodwind, brass and percussion. (No prior experience is required). Advanced students start the year almost immediately. The lessons are group lessons, using a rotating schedule during the school day. There are no after school lessons.

Students perform two yearly concerts; a Christmas and a spring concert. More advanced students can audition for the Archdiocese Honor Band and The NMP Honor band.

You can e-mail Mr. Rumpf for further information at -