Many companies offer their employees, spouses, retirees, an opportunity to support a favorite charity/non-profit, while providing a matching gift.  Funds received through these programs provide a direct benefit to the students at Corpus Christi Catholic School.  When making a donation to Corpus Christi Catholic School, we kindly ask that you: 

  • Consult with your Human Resources Department to see if your company has a designated Matching Gift program, what program areas they will support, and what is the maximum amount they will match each year.  Please inquire as to their matching gift procedure for requesting matching gifts, as some procedures are:
    • limited to online form submission by employees; or
    • some require you to submit the appropriate matching gift form to Corpus Christi Catholic School and a staff member will complete the necessary information on behalf of CCS and return it to your company for processing of their gift.

You may also click here to be directed to a website (created by Blackbaud, a supplier of software and services specifically designed for nonprofit organizations.) which will prompt you to enter your company name to possibly learn more about your company’s matching gift program.  However, please be sure to check with your company directly as to their Matching Gift program.   

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Carolyn Kerns in the Corpus Christi Parish Business Office @ 215-855-1311 and she will be happy to assist you.  

Thank you for your generosity.