​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​UPCOMING EVENTS:​​​​​​

4/28/2018    First Communion 10am and 12:30pm

5/1/2018       2nd Grade Class Trip
                        Community Reading Day
5/3/2018       New Communicant Liturgy, 10am in the Church
                        All are Welcome!
5/4/2018       Home and School Fundraiser, Dash & Dance
5/7/2018       6th Grade Class Trip
                        Dare Graduation, 1:15pm in the Gym
5/8/2018       DDD $ 1 for Grade 6 Outreach Project
                        Sandwich Collection
                        Spring Book Fair, No NP Lunch Eat in the Classroom
                        Patrician Society 8th Grade Visit
5/9/2018       K & 5th Grades Class Trips
                        Home & School Hot Dog Day, No NP Lunch
                        Band/Choir/Jazz Cat Concert, 7pm in the Gym
5/10/2018    Ascension Thursday, No School
5/11/2018    Field Day
                       Home & School Trivia Night
5/16/2018    7th and 8th Grades Class Trips
5/17/2018    3rd & 4th Grades Class Trips
                       PK3 Learn, Snack , and Play, 9-10:30am
5/18/2018    1st Grade Class Trip
5/22/2018    Canned Goods Collection
                       DDD for Grade 8 Service Project
5/23/2018    8th Grade Spanish Fiesta
                       Choir/Band/Orchestra Concert, 1:15pm in the Gym
                       Orchestra Only Concerty, 7pm in the Gym
5/24/2018    May Procession, 10am in the Church
                       All are Welcome!
                       Noon Dismissal
5/25/2018    No School
5/28/2018    Memorial Day, No School
5/29/2018    DDD for $25 Dash & Dance Contribution
                       Patrician Society 8th Grade Visit
5/30/2018    Ice Cream Truck Day
                       Home and School General Meeting and Tuition Raffle
                       6:30pm in the Social Hall

6/4/2018       Exams Grades 1-8
6/5/2018       Exams Grades 1-8
6/6/2018       Exams Grades 1-8
                       Home and School Hot Dog Day, No NP Lunch
6/7/2018       Exams Grades 1-8
                       PK3 Last Day
                       Kindergarten Last Full Day
6/8/2018       Exams Grades 1-8
                       Kindergarten Graduation, 9am in the Church
                       Dismissal following reception in Social Hall
                       8th Grade Picnic
6/12/2018    Last Day of School for 8th Grade
6/13/2018    Last Day of School for Grades 1-7
                       Closing Prayer Service at 9:30am in the Church, All are Welcome!
                       Report Cards go home
                       10:30am Dismissal
                       8th Grade Graduation, 6:30pm in Church