The parish school of Corpus Christi Catholic Church officially opened on

September 8, 1965, with an enrollment of 226 children in grades one through eight.  

The first faculty was comprised of Mother Marie Margaret, who served the dual role

of principal and teacher.  There were three other Sisters of St. Joseph, and two dedicated

lay teachers.  Fifth and sixth grades, and seventh and eighth grades were combined to

eight classrooms, and departmentalized instruction and continuous progress programs were introduced.

Corpus Christi Catholic School has continued to grow and develop as it seeks to foster its goal of providing a quality Christ-centered education.  The school sought and received accreditation from the Middle States Association in 1982, 1992, 2003 and again in 2014.  All three of the pastors strongly support and encourage the spiritual and academic

development of the students.  The updated facilities of Corpus Christi Catholic School are indicative of their firm belief in the importance of Catholic education. 

Today, Corpus Christi School has an enrollment of more than 500 students.  More than thirty teachers and administrators serve our students in grades pre-kindergarten through eight.  Our offerings to all students include art, music, physical education, library science, Spanish, computer and honors math.  Optional band and strings instruction is available.  Remedial, as well as counseling and speech services are provided through government funding.

Phase Four of the expansion of parish facilities was completed in April 2007.  This expansion included six classrooms dedicated to a junior high wing, an Honors Math room and a faculty room. The creation of this wing has allowed space for a preschool program as well as after-school care in the previously existing building.

Corpus Christi School recognizes the valuable contribution of the parents and the parishioners whose generosity has enabled the school to provide a quality education.  Corpus Christi School will continue to foster this spirit of cooperation in order to fulfill its mission.  We are blessed at Corpus Christi Parish with a spirit of generosity, compassion for others and faithfulness to the teachings of Christ.  As a school community we will strive to foster these qualities as we work to fulfill the mission of Corpus Christi Parish. ​​