Corpus Christi Catholic School
is a Safe Environment School

In The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, the United States Bishops called for the establishment of a Safe Environment Program in every Diocese. The Safe Environment Program is comprehensive, not only educating and guiding adults, but also providing young people with an age-appropriate, personal safety curriculum. The Archdiocese provides this education to almost 120,000 young people every year in our schools and parish religious education programs. 
Pennsylvania state law requires that all school employees must have current background checks. The Safe Environment Program of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia exceeds Pennsylvania law by requiring all employees and volunteers who have regular contact with children in any capacity, to have current criminal background checks. The Safe Environment Program also offers parents the resources to help them guard the safety of their children.

There are three components required for adults to become cleared to be a Volunteer at Corpus Christi School. 
1.  A criminal Record Check must be completed. This is a form that goes directly to the pa. State Police. You must fill in the information and send a $10.00 money order or certified check. This form returns directly to Corpus Christi School if you obtain the form from us. This clearance may also be obtained online with a credit card. The printout must then be submitted to us.

2.  A Child Abuse Clearance is obtained from the Childline group. A form is completely by you and mailed with a $10.00 money order or certified check. This form is returned to you and you must submit it to us. 

3.  The Safe Environment/Protecting God's Children class must be completed. You can go online to to find a date and location.
Items one and two must be renewed every 5 years. Item three is complete once the class has been completed and does not need interval.
Many of our parents completed items one and two when they were first made available in 2003. These records are now requiring renewal.
Please note: NEW FAMILIES now have 30 days to complete the clearances in order to be in compliance with the clearance guidelines. Prior guidelines allowed 6 months for new families but the auditors from the Archdiocese informed us of this change at their recent audit.

   Safe Environment Clearance Forms:  Archdiocese of Philadelphia
   Safe Environment Clearance Training:  Virtus

For more information on the Safe Environment Program of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia click the icon below. Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining your clearances in order to volunteer at Corpus Christi School. 
Mrs. Wanda Costello, Principal 

Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Safe Environment Program