​​Welcome to our Corpus Christi Catholic School (CCS) website.  Here you’ll learn about some of many ways in which we foster academic as well as spiritual excellence and strive to prepare our students and help ​them to develop their own unique gifts and talents through worship, study and service.  Should you have any questions about CCS or if we can help you in any way please call us today at 215-368-0582 or contact us by clicking here.
Maureen Lafferty, Principal

Welcome to Corpus Christi Catholic School.  The faces of our students are a reflection of our mission. 



CCS Media Club Weekly News

Corpus Christi Catholic School
920 Sumneytown Pike
Lansdale, PA 19446
Phone: 215-368-0582
Fax: 215-361-5927
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​UPCOMING EVENTS:


5/1/2018       2nd Grade Class Trip
                        Community Reading Day
5/3/2018       New Communicant Liturgy, 10am in the Church
                        All are Welcome!
5/4/2018       Home and School Fundraiser, Dash & Dance
5/7/2018       6th Grade Class Trip
                        Dare Graduation, 1:15pm in the Gym
5/8/2018       DDD $ 1 for Grade 6 Outreach Project
                        Sandwich Collection
                        Spring Book Fair, No NP Lunch Eat in the Classroom
                        Patrician Society 8th Grade Visit
5/9/2018       K & 5th Grades Class Trips
                        Home & School Hot Dog Day, No NP Lunch
                        Band/Choir/Jazz Cat Concert, 7pm in the Gym
5/10/2018    Ascension Thursday, No School
5/11/2018    Field Day
                       Home & School Trivia Night
5/16/2018    7th and 8th Grades Class Trips
5/17/2018    3rd & 4th Grades Class Trips
                       PK3 Learn, Snack , and Play, 9-10:30am
5/18/2018    1st Grade Class Trip
5/22/2018    Canned Goods Collection
                       DDD for Grade 8 Service Project
5/23/2018    8th Grade Spanish Fiesta
                       Choir/Band/Orchestra Concert, 1:15pm in the Gym
                       Orchestra Only Concerty, 7pm in the Gym
5/24/2018    May Procession, 10am in the Church
                       All are Welcome!
                       Noon Dismissal
5/25/2018    No School
5/28/2018    Memorial Day, No School
5/29/2018    DDD for $25 Dash & Dance Contribution
                       Patrician Society 8th Grade Visit
5/30/2018    Ice Cream Truck Day
                       Home and School General Meeting and Tuition Raffle
                       6:30pm in the Social Hall

6/4/2018       Exams Grades 1-8
6/5/2018       Exams Grades 1-8
6/6/2018       Exams Grades 1-8
                       Home and School Hot Dog Day, No NP Lunch
6/7/2018       Exams Grades 1-8
                       PK3 Last Day
                       Kindergarten Last Full Day
6/8/2018       Exams Grades 1-8
                       Kindergarten Graduation, 9am in the Church
                       Dismissal following reception in Social Hall
                       8th Grade Picnic
6/12/2018    Last Day of School for 8th Grade
6/13/2018    Last Day of School for Grades 1-7
                       Closing Prayer Service at 9:30am in the Church, All are Welcome!
                       Report Cards go home
                       10:30am Dismissal

                       8th Grade Graduation, 6:30pm in Church